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 A fellow Tumblr teacher requested websites related to the Soviet Union collapse. 

Below are websites I’ve collected that I consider to be “gems”:

  • Students’ Friend A smaller collection of databases and websites, but this site catalogs some of the better resources available
  • EdTeck: Developer, Peter Pappas developed this site to aid teachers in guiding their students through using primary resources to steer their learning. This site provides a thorough collection of both student and teacher resources.
  • AlternaTime: The librarian at my graduate school alma mater created this website that houses a variety of links to time lines that can be found on the web. Many different subjects and events are covered by the site.
  • The United States Federal Archives: The Archives is a great resources for educators. Not only do they provide primary resources, they have a variety of activities, lesson plan ideas, and resources pertinent to each individual state. 
  • BBC News: I had a professor in college who used to say, “Everyone’s day would be better if they got their news from the BBC.” (Granted that isn’t one of his better and memorable quotes, but nevertheless, he egged me on to find another great site!). 

And a drum roll…..By far the BEST secondary social studies I have used: HistoryTeacher.net:  

Susan M. Pojer, the website’s founder provides endless resources for AP European, US History, & NYS Regents' global studies & US history. Her collection of primary resources (in my opinion) is arguably the most comprehensive around. I know I can credit my own success in high school on the APUSH exam to her study materials (and of course, great teachers!)

Notably, her APUSH Primary Resource page provides a comprehensive listing of sites to be used by teachers and students alike. (And don’t worry, ECE and elementary educators, much of the content is adaptable!)

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